If you tap the rotation button,


the button is locked and the screen orientation is kept even though you change device’s orientation.


When the button is unlocked, screen orientation(landscape or portrait) depends on the orientation of the device.

* From the control center, if the rotation lock is on, the nPlayer video’s screen won’t rotate as you move the device.

Notice : No support for fixed screen orientation feature of devices that support Split View/Slide Over

The 3.3.0 version or later version of nPlayer supports Split View that many users have requested. However, due to the structural issue of iOS, we had to remove the fixed screen orientation feature from the devices that support Split View and Slide Over. To be more specific,activating Split View cannot be dynamically set in the program and Split View and fixed orientation feature cannot be set in the app at the same time.

We were very careful about supporting Split View as it may cause any inconveniences to our users who use this feature without a problem but finally, we decided to support Split View after a long thought in order to support more features for you. We feel so sorry that we cannot provide you with two useful features at the same time and hope you kindly understand the situation.

*Devices not supporting the feature
iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2 with iOS 9.3 and above that support Split View and Slide Over