Hello, nPlayer users!

We like to announce that the new version of nPlayer has been released.

The new version features the most of the original version but its price went down to USD 4.99.

Apple starts to support Dolby sound in iOS from the version of 9.3 and that allows us to reduce the license cost for Dolby sound in nPlayer. And now we have the new version with the new price and we hope this is good news for those who have been hesitating to purchase nPlayer due to its price.

The original nPlayer will be named ‘nPlayer Plus’ and it features additionally Dolby Sound Effect and it support iOS 7.0 and later version. We will keep updating and enhancing the new version as well as the original version.

We are attaching the nPlayer product specifications and we hope this will help you make a proper choice to purchase nPlayer.

Let’s play nPlayer!