I cannot find nPlayer in my purchase list.
/I cannot download the app on the Appstore.

A developer can resolve issues that arise in the app but cannot handle other issues such as downloading on the Appstore or checking out the purchase list. Besides, developers do not have any right to check the purchase list.

Please check your billing history of nPlayer(nPlayer Plus) or In-apps in the purchase list and directly contact Apple Appstore to resolve the issue. Please refer to the link for a details about how to check out the purchase history on iTunes. (Check out the purchase history on iTunes)

Certain files are not played when using Chromecast.

Chromecast works when nPlayer sends it a file to play. Therefore, file formats and codecs that are not supported by Chromecast cannot be played. Please refer to the relevant link. (Supported Media for Google Cast)

Can video files in Album be transmistted to Smart TV or Chromecast?

No, you can’t. Video files in Album of Local tab can only be played via QuickTime and cannot be transmitted to Smart TV or Chromecast. However, if you copy video files in Album to Document and play, you can enjoy them on Smart TV or Chromecast.

After transmitting files to Smart TV, subtitles are only displayed on iPhone and iPad but not on the TV screen.

Since there is no standardized method of supporting subtitles for UPnP/DLNA, a protocol to connect nPlayer to Smart TV, subtitles may not be available for some TVs.

There is no sound from TrueHD audio codec.

TrueHD is an audio codec of Dolby. Unfortunately, Dolby does not allow TrueHD’s mobile licences at the moment.

There is no iCloud Drive to connect in the Network tab.
How can I connect to the iCloud Drive directly on the Network tab?

Connecting to iCloud Drive directly is not possible because currently, Apple doesn’t support an API for iCloud Drive. You can access iCloud Drive in a different way. Please refer to the link below for details.